TCS is a creative hub for all things connected to the art of making wearables.

We’re not just a garment production studio; we’re a pioneering force in the country, showcasing the finest resources in the Middle East dedicated to share our craft.

Our mission is two-fold: first is to provide the materials, equipment, and expertise needed to create the highest quality garments – a space to make ideas a reality; one that bridges the gap between single-sample and scaled production.

Second, we aim to be a space that shares knowledge and skills. Within our team, we collaborate with global talent, ensuring that expertise is passed down, skills are honed, and our team members are equipped for life with invaluable knowledge.

In line with our mission, we’re regularly hosting a series of workshops and seminars. From mastering new techniques to diving into the latest trends, there’s always something happening at our studio.

Stay in the loop by subscribing to our newsletter on, sharing your contact details with us at the studio, or following us on @thecuttingstudios so you can stay up-to date with the activities at our studio.

Discount eligibility:

 *M7 partners receive 15% discount

 **Students can receive a 25% discount on Renting the TCS workstations / on TCS shop Merchandise and when attending Workshops.

Workshop Refund Policy:

*For refunds and cancellations, registered participants can directly send their request to +974 50777582 via mobile or via email. This will be subject for approval based on the below requirements:

  • Participants can request a refund or transfer their registration to another workshop at least five (5) days prior to the workshop date by notifying The Cutting Studio via email or phone.
  • Refunds or any other adjustments (such as request to transfer their registration to another workshop) will not be issued for cancellations made less than five (5) days before the workshop date. 
  • In the event that the workshop has been cancelled for good, The Cutting Studio will inform ahead and make the necessary adjustments.

For Collaborators:

 ***To be considered for a TCS scholarship or to apply to the monthly artist in residence please reach out to

Please include a basic bio, some visuals of your work, and how you would include sustainable practice in your work